Meditative State

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Old Zen adage

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential – except when you are very busy. Then a full hour is needed.” St. Francis de Sales

Don’t you just love it when all your “photography” stars line up and a photo turns out just the way you pictured it? Well, in this case, it did happen and I am very happy to share what I saw two days ago. As I say in my bio, being able to share what I see is one of the reasons that drives me to go out and click away to my heart’s content; hoping that I’ll be able to share my experience with loved ones who are away or strangers who somehow happen upon my blog.

I decided to call this image Meditative State because it reminds me of what going into such a state is like sometimes. On occasion, to be able to blossom and fully express our vitality, we need to become dormant for a while, very much like the tree and the meadow in this picture. It is then a treat to yourself to go within and experience the silence underneath your thoughts, knowing that the very life force that will bring back all the greenness of the tree and the meadow, will also bring back your true colors in all their beauty.

The vital force of nature awaits dormant, ready to burst out onto this landscape.

The Location
If you ever find yourself driving across Cantabria in kind weather, I recommend getting off the highway and letting your eyes enjoy the sights and your lungs breathe the clean air you’ll find along the winding road to Puerto de Palombera, a Cantabrian mountain pass that you shouldn’t pass up.


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