The Who and Why Behind this Photoblog

Human being or “Human doing”?

I once read that many human beings are actually “human doings”, i.e., they’re defined by what they do and, consequently, link their sense of worth and identity to it.  I also read in that same book that what you do is not as important as what you decide to be while you’re doing “your doing”.  By way of example, you may choose to be kind and empathetic while you’re doing your work; and you may even decide to be happy and loving while you’re at it.  This all made perfect sense to me at the time and it still continues to do so. Needless to say though, there was a “flaw” in the plan. The rub is that I have occasionally  struggled to live up to these ideas in my everyday life. The silver lining, on the other hand, is that I have equally striven to abide by them; and great, exciting learning has always been a part of the process. So, prompted to define who I am, I’d say the following: I’m basically a human being doing what he loves most and choosing to be loving and happy throughout the process… most of the time.

Photography is my Zen

I’m a Madrid-based photographer who finds in Digital Photography a perfect haven for connecting with the present moment. Through time, I’ve happily come to realize that, when I’m working on a picture, I lose myself in the creative experience and usually release all concerns about past and future situations; which in turn, paradoxically results in a better relationship with both the past and the future. In addition, no matter what I’m doing, I’ve noticed that I’ve grown increasingly aware of the light and color around me, which also helps me to focus on the here and now.

Enthused by sharing

Another upshot of my immersion in Photography is an increasing need to share my work. Anyone who has ever taken a picture that they feel good about has also felt the instant urge to show it to somebody else. Most likely, because they want to share the beauty of the instant they were able to capture through their unique framing of the world, or because they want to afford others the opportunity to live vicariously through them. In either case, this is exactly what I love most about this drive to show my photos: the fact that it doesn’t seem to stem from a need for external validation, but rather from a desire to let others take part in the joy I derive from the experience; subjective as this may be.

Memory Lane

As time goes by and posts begin to stack up , this photoblog will also serve as a record of the evolution of my work over time. I’m sure it’ll be nice to take a trip down memory lane every now and again and notice how my approach to photography changes.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy your visit,



3 thoughts on “The Who and Why Behind this Photoblog

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. Even though I don’t blog with my photos very often, photography is my zen as well! Taking photos brings me into the present moment and let’s me see beauty all around me. When I’m in nature with my camera, I always feel connected and grateful.

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